Friday, December 02, 2011

Pillow Pads

Or plasmacytic pododermatitis (Also called Mushy Pad Syndrome/ Disease). Just noticed that one of my cats has this going on with both of her front paw pads. She's not an overly cuddly kitty so it could have been there for quite some time. It doesn't seem to be causing her pain and they aren't ulcerated or bleeding so I'm not going to worry so much. The apparent tie between that and FiV has me somewhat concerned but it's a little late for that now with 6 indoor cats. I'll just have to keep an eye on it and I suppose if it ulcerates I'll start treating with doxycycline (which I have and can safely compound down to a dosage for her) or steroids (hooray for that ginormous first aid kit I've created)

I'm wondering if she has a flea allergy or other allergin sensitivity since she'll sneeze profusely if I spray anything in the house like air freshener, perfume, carpet cleaner. Definitely something to consider as we move forward with van dwelling.

Poor little Cuda-bug.

On the plus side my 20+ years as a veterinary technician just saved me a $200 veterinary visit just to find out what this is and how to treat it. It probably also saved her the stress of going to the vets, the pain of possible biopsy and medications she likely doesn't need!

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