Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Day 119 With Some Form Of Diabetes

 I really want to get back into posting to this blog. I've let it go for a couple years. I'm attempting to unfuck that.

Today is day 119 since being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Day 112 since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Day 92 since getting a proper LADA diagnosis and Day 91 since starting MDI insulin treatment.

I'm thinking like a completely different person and it hasn't helped my disposition any. All this math. It's ridiculous. I eat less sweets, root veggies and breads - not because I can't but because it's just too much fucking hassle to do so.

*A reminder - a T1D, or an insulin dependent LADA person can eat anything they want. If I want to sit and eat half a freaking birthday cake I can as long as I inject the insulin to cover the carbs.

I am using very little insulin on most days. I'm averaging around 16u TDD. I'm also just not eating carb heavy food. Most of my meals average between 15 - 40 grams of carbs and I dose at a 1:10 ratio. I have days where I seem less sensitive but I assume those are the days my beta cells are not even phoning their work in.

LADA is an odd form of diabetes. I call it diabetes with training wheels, most folks call it "honeymooning". I'm basically a type 1 diabetic but not all the way so why they call this form type 1.5 is beyond me. The short answer for what is happening to me is that the cells in my pancreas that make insulin (beta cells) are dying... well, they're being murdered by my own immune system. At some point recently (cough Lyme Disease cough) my body decided that my beta cells were an enemy and attacked. Thus I woke up as a diabetic one day.

The test that determines how much insulin your body is making is called a C-Peptide and mine showed that I am actually within the normal range - barely.

My A1C (a test that gives a 3 month picture of your blood glucose levels) at diagnosis #2 was 9.6 (under 6 is normal) 30 days later at diagnosis #3 it came down to 7.1. I have another test scheduled for next month where I'll get mt new C-Peptide and A1C numbers.

In the meantime I got myself a continuous glucose monitor (life -changing!) and am working on getting an insulin pump.

Pump classes have been tedious especially for someone who is proactive in diabetes care. This week is class 4/5 and not really a class. Apparently we are meeting with the pump vendors. I am not looking forward to this. As someone who has had to deal with medical reps in the past for my job I have little patience for hard-sell tactics. I've pretty much made my mind up and am only interested in pumps that work with the Dexcom G6 so my options are the Tandem t:slim or Omnipod. I'm leaning towards the Tandem pump. While I would love to be tubeless, the idea of the basal suspend for imminent lows and the fact that the software can be remotely updated gives the Tandem pump the edge for me. Whatever choice I make is going to be with me for a long time and there is always the chance that Tandem will go tubeless in the future and maybe all I would need to do is update my receiver/ remote and switch infusion sets. A girl can dream...

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