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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Skin I'm In

I realized today when I got out of the shower the toll living in a small space with 6 cats has taken on my once flawless skin. No, not because of allergies but because of claws and the I-don't-give-a-damn-where-I-jump attitude they have.

I'm bruised and abraded from being run over.

See Dandy up there in that pic? He looks quite satisfied with himself. This was shortly after he launched himself from the attic onto my stomach (which looks just as bad as my legs)

Ahh well, the price I pay to keep my fuzzy family with me is all worth it. I wouldn't trade them for anything.
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  1. Oh yeah. We're a perpetual mess. Cats are sociopaths.

  2. Definitely sociopaths!

  3. Im waiting for Steve to say something...he has a thing about your legs. Cats are weird...waking you up by staring at you in the dark....all I can say.

  4. Huh, what?!? I never made it past the pic and word shower.

  5. I find the claw problem greatly alleviated by periodic use of a pet toenail (claw) trimmer that allows one to trim back the rather sharp tips to save legs and furniture, but isn't cruel like a declawing.

  6. Have you ever tried the glue on claw covers? They've been pretty effective with my kitty.

  7. @ Big Matt - I cut my cats nails every two weeks (well the two that have claws) I was a veterinary technician for 22 years. Whether claws are sharp or not when they drop on you from three feet overhead there will be flesh damage heh.

    @ Hunter - My cats don't tolerate Soft Paws nail covers - they chew them off :)

  8. I'm getting borderline hysterical imagining giving our cats mani-pedis.

  9. We just gotta toughen you up some more :p.