Flutterby Haven New Look

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Finally got around to working a winter build for my land. It's not finished, but close.
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Subscription Boxes

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Decided to browse Cratejoy today to see if there was a subscription box I could get for my Reddit SS. His interests are so outside of my own and he didn't give me a hell of a lot to go on so I abandoned the search but decided to see if they had any I would dig getting for myself. I browsed the Pagan and cat themed boxes. I looked through the boxes for readers and some of the boxes geared specifically toward women. I was quickly overwhelmed. Heh. There are a lot of subscription box options out there.
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Reddit Secret Santa, Bullet Journal, Work Updates

Monday, November 27, 2017

I'm super excited to be participating for the very first time. Unfortunately, my match didn't give me much info to go on so I've reached out to try to get some insight.

As far as my own preference form - I could have listed a million practical things. That is my usual fall back when anyone asks me about what they can buy me as a gift. I'm gonna let it go this time and let life surprise me a little.

Today was Cyber Monday. I took advantage and ordered some planner stickers to make keeping up with my bullet journal easier and more fun. 4 sets of 2018 mini calendar stickers as well as 12 sheets of seasonal stickers and month headers. So my journal will actually be sort of pretty and not just functional.

I wrote up my key today and just need to port it into the notebook. I'm still trying to settle on a monthly spread. I've drawn up 4 or 5 examples and just can't seem to settle on one. Thankfully, it can always be changed the next month if the current layout doesn't work. The fluidity of a bullet journal is the best thing about it.

I'll be spending time tomorrow finishing up December's monthly spread so I can be ready for some daily entries. December is a busy month so this is a good time to test and see if I'll maintain a bullet journal.

I just finished up two very hard weeks at LARF. We do three student days the week before Thanksgiving and then open for Black Friday. I survived and so did everyone else!

I get to return to my normal 5 off/ 2 on schedule for another two weeks before likely heading into Winter hiatus until April.

I really need to find a way to manifest a new to me 25' Class C RV into my world. I need a reliable home. I have offers to work but can't do it because my 30 year old camper van just isn't up to it. While I love the van and it has been good to me for 5 years, I need more space at this point. I'd also like to not have to worry it's going to leave me sitting on the side of the road. So the van will likely be going up for sale soon. I'd like to get what I paid to replace the carb and tires for it. It needs love from someone who can invest the time and finances. I need functionality right now.

I'll be headed towards Texas around Dec 20. Couple days in Houston and a couple days in The Woods before turning back and going North to MD.
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Bullet Journal

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I'm finally diving into the world of bullet journals. If you don't know what this is I've attached the original video. I'm excited to try to wrangle all of the info I need into one place.

I'm sure it's a combination of age and Lyme disease but my memory is failing me. I've also grown weary of full journaling. There are a lot of days where I just don't have anything to note that would be worthy of an entry into a diary. Rapid logging fixes that problem. I can note that Mortipurr did something outrageously adorable, even attach a picture if I'm so inclined.

Lots of folks make their bullet journals all pretty and shit. Not sure I'll go all out but I do have the means to make some nice headers and stuff so we'll see. I'm logging December to see if I want to dive all in and do collection pages and invest a larger amount of time in setting up a journal.
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Brain Spew - Politics

Thursday, October 12, 2017

 Some disjointed thoughts on a Thursday morning:

Let me preface these thoughts with this: I am registered as no affiliation. Doing so makes my life slightly more complicated when it comes to voting. Maryland is a closed primary state so I have to decide who I'm supporting and then register to that party prior to primaries. After primaries I change my affiliation back to no affiliation. I do this because I do not limit my voting choices to the words Democrat or Republican. I support the person who seems to have the best interests of the country AS A WHOLE at heart. I say this because it seems the immediate response to someone being critical of Trump is to blame them for being a snowflake Democrat or to call them a Hillary or Obama supporter so here's the deal - I didn't vote for Obama OR Hillary.

As an aside, MD really needs to get their shit together and make our primary elections open instead of closed.

What a sad state this country is in right now. Americans are getting to see just how dysfunctional our government is. We all knew it was broken but now it's so apparent that to deny it is insane. If, as an American, you are not deeply troubled by where we're heading then you are not paying attention.

We have a president who is entirely unfit in every way. His lack of focus on the important things like: climate change, wildfires, mass shootings, hurricanes, disaster areas, and the basic necessities of human life is appalling. He'd rather spend his time on Twitter arguing with NFL players, media outlets and other celebrities who offer criticism.

In all of this he continues to ignore the American people. Those of us whose interests he's supposed to have at heart. The majority of this country does not support Trump. Over 11 million voters voted for anyone but Trump.

What does Trump stand for? I can't even tell. Aside from money and undoing anything with Obama's name on it, what is important to him?

While I'm at it, let's talk about congress. Another body not listening to the American people. Another body only looking out for their own interests. They are not willing to set aside party to consider that if they do not take action Trump will absolutely be the cause of something horrific happening. In fact, he really seems to want a war. This goes beyond midterm elections. beyond party, even beyond country. This world does not need another war.

At what point will Republicans say they've had enough? At what point will they realize that their agenda is pretty much dead in the water because Trump causes so much outside controversy that no one can focus on work? He is a distraction and if he were doing this at any other job in the world (aside from a reality show) he would have been fired. His lack of productivity would have gotten him fired. His incessant tweeting would have gotten him fired. His many, many golf outings would have gotten him fired. His attacking of other senior staff would have gotten him fired. Being under federal investigation would have gotten him fired!

So what's the deal, Congress? Why are you not taking action to return our government to some semblance of functionality?

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