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Friday, September 01, 2017

Just testing adding news from Flutterby Haven to my page.
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Where's Cherry Been?

Thursday, August 03, 2017

 Holy hoot! Last update in March and here it is August already. This year is both flying by and moving at a snails pace.

Here's a what I've been up to since my last update:

  • In February I joined in with my friend Michael Hughes in  what's since been dubbed the #MagicResistance A large group of folks across the globe are now participating in monthly binding rituals to get Trump out of office. For more information on that please check out our group, Bind Trump The group is wonderfully empowering and makes magic accessible to even the most novice of magical folk. We are an extremely diverse group in background and belief. There's even a Christopagan version of the binding ritual for those who aren't comfortable with the original.
  • Attended and worked 5 weeks at the Virginia Renaissance Faire with The Rogues back in May/ June One awful picture exists to show I was actually there. For what it's worth I was more appropriately dressed, I stripped off my skirts to hoop in my Rennie underwear.

  • During the run of the faire I adopted a new kitten. Well, actually my travel partner adopted a new kitten who then decided to adopt me. (Travel partner then adopted another kitten) Meet Baron Mortimer von Fuzzybritches. I call him Morti-purr. He's a sweetie. Not an overly clingy kitty but he likes people well enough. There was chaos in the house while all of the cats adjusted to each other but all is well now. Mortimer was also a very, very sick kitty when we got him. He's still got some eye issues going on several months later.

    Other than that I've mostly been chilling and getting myself in gear for the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I'm hoping I'll be back to hostessing for the Rapunzel's Hair-Braiding so if you come visit look for me either at the main booth not too far from where you enter or by the booth behind the Boar's Head Pub.

    Hope summer is treating all of you well! Until next time...
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Photos from the Womens March Washington DC

Saturday, March 11, 2017

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February: A Celebration of Black Female Artists Pt. 2

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

I finished out February with an awesome collection of art by some talented individuals. Each piece of art spoke to me for a reason. Here's how the rest of my moth of profile picture changing looked:

Click on any picture to view full size.
Artist: Sharlene Perkins https://www.behance.net/sharleneperkins
Artist: Lorna Simpson http://www.lsimpsonstudio.com/
Artist: Kesha Bruce http://www.keshabruce.com/
Artist Caitlin Cherry http://contemporarywing.com/artists/caitlin-cherry
Artist: Julie Mehretu https://www.art21.org/artists/julie-mehretu
Artist: Elizabeth Catlett https://nmwa.org/explore/artist-profiles/elizabeth-catlett
Artist: Mickalene Thomas http://mickalenethomas.com/
Artist: Xaviera Simmons Found no personal website but did find her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/xavierasimmons
Artist: Minnie Evans No personal website found http://www.petulloartcollection.org/the_collection/about_the_artists/artist.cfm?a_id=11
Artist: Lina Viktor http://www.linaviktor.com/
Artist: Michelle Robinson https://www.mistermichelle.com/
Artist: Ojo Agi http://www.ojoagi.com/
Artist: Tamara Natalie Madden http://www.tamaranataliemadden.com/
Artist: Betye Saar http://www.betyesaar.net/
Artist: Renée Stout no personal website found http://www.artnet.com/artists/renée-stout/

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