Monday, February 26, 2018

Spring Can't Come Soon Enough

I need some moderately warm days of sunshine. It's been overcast for a week now.

I'm in stress mode over the van. It's been grounded for two years now and I've been hitching a ride to shows. It's time to get something a little newer and a bit more reliable and call it a day with The Inn. I sunk a lot of money into rebuilding a carb, having to then buy a new carb, replacing the accelerator cable, putting a new (used) AC unit on, and putting 4 new tires on it that I just can't keep sinking any more cash into this thing. I flat out don't trust it anymore and I'm in need of more space.

I've started looking at used Class C's under 25'. I have no idea how I am going to manage to swing the cost of one but I need to figure it out. I'm going to miss this van but it's time to upgrade to maintain my life. I'd be working more with a reliable, running house. Not to mention I'd be able to avoid winter.

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