Thursday, December 01, 2011

Not To Count My Chickens And all That

But . . .

This may be my new home! I'm headed out to see it on Saturday. I already know the paint is worn - I'm ok with that. I know it's owned by a mechanic and I know he loves this van. I spoke to him a week or so ago about looking at it and he didn't show up so I wrote it off. Today I called just to see if it was still available and it turns out the guy was hoping I would call back about it for two reasons he said:

#1 Everyone who has called hm about it had intentions of turning it into an ice cream truck so he wouldn't sell to them.
#2 He said he'd probably be willing to take my 1998 Dodge Durango in partial trade because his daughter needs a vehicle.

I did disclose that the Durango has some issues which he didn't seem concerned about.

Has the world really decided to take its thumb off my forehead? I certainly hope so.

Now the question is how comfy will 6 cats, a mouse and myself be in this? I think we'll be ok since I have been working to prepare the cats for smaller space by moving us all into my 8 x 10 office in the house for the past 5 months. Oddly, the two who didn't get along well before moving into the small room are now best buddies who sleep together in one little cubby every night (when they aren't sleeping on top of me).

Today has been a good day. Let's hope Saturday is just as good!
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