Saturday, December 03, 2011

Just Another Day In The Trailer Park

I've lived in a mobile home for almost 6 years now. When I first moved here the neighborhood was nice - quiet, well maintained homes. I had elderly folks on either side of me which worked for me since I was on night shift and needed to sleep during the day. My biggest complaint was the noisy scrap business in the neighborhood behind the park.

Two years ago my elderly neighbor to the left either died or moved (I don't know which) and a younger group moved in. Within a month I had the sheriffs department beating on my door asking me if I've seen "Adam"

As an aside here. I keep to myself and don't really speak to my neighbors. Being on night shift I never really got to know any of them aside from a hello here and there so I had no idea who "Adam" was.

Adam apparently had a warrant out for his arrest and not only did I have to deal with the police beating on MY door to ask about him but I would have to hear them beating on the neighbor's door at all times of the day and night. At one point the property management asked me to call them if I saw "Adam" in the neighborhood because he was banned. Banned from a trailer park? That's got to be hard to do.

Recently "Adam" has been back next door. It's been a while so I assumed whatever he was wanted for and whatever issues the property management had with him was cleared up. That's when the screaming started.

Now that I am not on night shift anymore and since losing my job I am home all the time. On a daily basis this kid is pacing up and down the street screaming into his cell phone. Yelling obscenities with no thought whatsoever that he's in front of other people's houses and yelling. Trailers aren't well-made. My walls are just barely thicker than a door- so about two inches or so. I can hear everything that goes on in the street, in my neighbors yard and, when the windows are open, everything that goes on in their house. I've stepped outside a few times and told him to go yell in front of his own home or stop yelling all together.

They let their kids play in my driveway (two summers ago they set up an itty-bitty kiddy pool IN my driveway for their kids to play in.) They park in my driveway if I leave room (without asking) Far be it from me to sling around derogatory terms but these folks epitomize white trash if ever anyone does.

This past Wednesday I had their car towed out of my driveway. I've tried to be nice since I had to live next door to them (for now) but I've been pushed past my limits.

About an hour ago I could hear loud talking outside and looked to see the woman, her two children and some guy sitting at their picnic table. 15 minutes later there's screaming - I expect to look out and see "Adam" yelling at his girl in typical fashion but instead there's a group of 6 people standing in front of my truck IN my driveway threatening to shoot and stab each other. I opened the door and yelled at them to get out of my yard and away from my house - this didn't work. They simply moved to IN FRONT of my house to continue threatening each other so I called the police.

The officer could barely hear me over the people screaming and the one boy was still sitting at the picnic table and asked if I was calling the cops. "Yes I am." So now the chick is pissed at me and while I'm on the phone she starts berating me, "You're getting ready to lose your house, you [sic] about to feel that. I don't have no place to take my babies. I got two kids who don't have anywhere to go so thanks for that"

This is my problem how? It's my fault you and your guy scream at each other to the point that the neighborhood is sick of you? It's my fault you're 19 and have two kids? It's my fault you can't support yourself?  it's my fault that people I don't know are standing in my driveway and threatening bodily harm to each other? It's my fault that I'm concerned that this may actually come to shots being fired which may or may not punch through my two inch walls and hit me or one of my cats?

Sorry, sister, none of these things are my problem. My concern is my safety, the safety of my property, the safety of my cats and sadly the safety of YOUR CHILDREN who you have out there in the middle of this horrible screaming match. Get over yourself.

The police came out and by that time everyone had, of course, scattered once they heard I called the cops. I met them outside and told them where everyone had walked off to and came back inside. Now I just need to concern myself with retaliation either in property damage or by this chick trying to fight with me (which she will lose) so now I'm off to purchase a locking gas cap since I'm all but pretty sure these assholes siphoned the gas out of my truck once already.

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