Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day?

So today's the day.I'm supposed to have all of my property (including my house which I can't afford to move or put in a new community) out of the community by 11:59 tonight and I am no closer to having a livable vehicle than I was a month ago. I have no idea what is going to happen come tomorrow and I am not out of this house.

I stopped by Carmax today to see what they would give me for my truck since I've seen a couple of in shape camper vans for ~ $3000 - they offered me $1000 for my truck. WTF? With that I would have a total of $2000 to my name - not enough to buy the camper vans. So what now?

I look like I've aged 20 years in 2 days. I'm back to not eating and not sleeping. I'm so lost right now I don't know what to do. I've listed everything I own on Craigslist with nothing selling. I can't talk to anyone without bursting into tears. What a fucking mess.

Monday, November 28, 2011

3 Days To Go

I need a miracle. Still no van or RV. I just don't have the money and with still needing to be able to get around I'm scared to just sell my current vehicle outright because even that doesn't give me much.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday

Also Black Thursday? Cyber Monday? What the fuck is next?

It's complete brainwashing. They tell you if you're late you won't be able to get the best stuff you don't need to give to family members to prove you love them. WTF?


Prove you love your family by leaving and gong shopping. I am annoyed that Walmart is dragging employees out of their homes at 9 - 10 this evening. That Toys R Us is opening this evening at 9.

Where does this end?

Valentine Chocolates will be in the stores the day after Christmas. Who the hell wants two month old chocolates?

By the way I'm trying to quit smoking (this isn't going to be the try but I'm attempting anyhow)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Received Another Credit Card Invitation

Again from Citi Bank. This time it's the *NEW* Citi Thank You Preferred Card.

Seriously? I guess they're thanking me for sending the last invitation back? This time I'm sending all my weekly grocery circulars to them in their little postage paid envelope. I had to tape the damned thing shut to get it to stay. From now on this is how I'm gong to treat all bulk mail pre-paid envelopes that are sent to my house.

To Those Of You Asking Why - Why Indeed

I can't understand people who say they still don't know what Occupy is about. It's about you - occupying your own thoughts and seeing there is a major problem with this country. You may not have an immediate solution but how can any one deny that there is a problem?

Occupy wants you to come peacefully to the general assembly and listen and add your voice. You don't have to come agree on everything and anything - maybe you will be the voice that solves a problem.

What I see when I look at Occupy is a lot of people helping other people. It's giving hope to people that we can fix the USA before it is driven straight into a brick wall. It's giving people who have been feeling worthless a sense of doing. Occupy communities are taking care of each other, feeding each other, clothing each other, offering medical aid, emotional support, literacy, sobriety, historic learning, and most of all a chance for each person to feel like they can be heard and not so alone. How is this bad?

At this point I believe Occupy needs to invest the money they have amassed and purchase communal living properties for the chance to continue to spread the message of awakening and to plan where this needs to go from here. We have a better chance of organizing in space where we don't have to battle every day, in space where the electricity is not questioned, where shelter is available and warm and where we can cook to feed everyone more easily.

I'll be out there soon, at different occupied cities, voicing my concern about where we go from here. In the meantime I'll continue to raise an eyebrow when folks say they don't understand what Occupy is saying.

Monday, November 21, 2011

9 Days

O. M. G. I have 9 days until I have to be out of the house and still no vehicle. Going to look at a 1987 Starcraft Camper Van tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Interactive Post

What do you see?
Seriously, I want to know what folks see in this picture.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Feline Wake Up Call

There are days when I wonder how I went down the path of owning pets - let alone 6 cats. Today is one of those days when I'm spending my mid-morning tea wondering what sort of wake up call I will be provided with once we're all living in a RV.

At 4:05 this morning I awakened to the sound of the Shop Vac turning on. I know exactly what happened - one of the cats was standing on it trying to get a better look at the mouse and they hit the button. Whoever did it scared the shit out of themselves, literally.

Ahh, the joys of cats.

Occupy Oakland Chat Mod Heavy-Handedness

Much like the Global Revolution chat (since it was built on the same model) the Occupy Oakland Live Stream chat is modded with an iron mute button. If you say anything that remotely disagrees with them they will block your messages and threaten to ban you.

Did they not learn when the GR chat room crumbled with most of the moderators being removed?

When people let power go to their heads to the point where they are just waiting for someone to ban or block they need to be removed. It happens it's part of human nature - look at our current government. They are dong the same thing. These chat moderators who let this small ridiculous power go to their heads need to be removed from the positions they are in. I'm sure they started with good intentions but along the way those have gone and now they are too busy chastising anything someone says that does not directly agree with them they are forgetting the whole point of all of us coming together.

Do away with heavy-handed moderating. Anyone who has seen me around knows I am a supporter of Occupy so why are my messages cleared from a chat room simply because I disagree with a moderators decision? I left before I was banned but I'm sure that happened anyhow.

Global Revolution removed most of its moderators and the chat was bumpy for a day or two but now runs better than ever. Mind your mistakes and learn from them people or we'll never be able to change anything.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Searching Craigslist for RVs

I cheat and use I do a full search every 6 hours for 75 miles of Laurel, Md for the following terms:

motor home
Class C (Has to be a small class C 25' or less)
Class B
Camper Van
Conversion Van
Step Van
Box Van
Cab Over
High top
Moving Truck

I don't think I'm missing much in this search. I do it though the recreational vehicles and cars/trucks section. My main issue is that some of the money I need to use to buy the RV is sitting in my driveway in the form of my 1998 Dodge Durango. The trade of the truck for full/partial payment would be preferred since I will need to drive the vehicle away. Being without transportation will not do right now as I have too much to do. My preference is for a Rv but I may need to get a van for a short period. It is not just me traveling my cats will be along for the trip so I have a need for more space than if it were just me. The herniated disc in my neck screams that a high-top is a necessity.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bring Back The Hard Times Tokens

I have 22 days to move out. I'm packing and trying not to panic. I came across an early 1900's Baltimore News trade token in my stuff (no idea where it came from) and thought,

Here's the answer to Occupy Wall Street's issue of overcrowding/ feeding. Create a token system in exchange for positive, peaceful activism or as a trade for time spent at various needed points.

See Hard times token (clicky*clicky)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

25 Days Until ?

But I'm stressed. Seriously stressed. I still haven't found a RV that I can afford. Having anxiety issues now is not good. My nose is pressed to the edge of my comfort zone.