Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Oakland Chat Mod Heavy-Handedness

Much like the Global Revolution chat (since it was built on the same model) the Occupy Oakland Live Stream chat is modded with an iron mute button. If you say anything that remotely disagrees with them they will block your messages and threaten to ban you.

Did they not learn when the GR chat room crumbled with most of the moderators being removed?

When people let power go to their heads to the point where they are just waiting for someone to ban or block they need to be removed. It happens it's part of human nature - look at our current government. They are dong the same thing. These chat moderators who let this small ridiculous power go to their heads need to be removed from the positions they are in. I'm sure they started with good intentions but along the way those have gone and now they are too busy chastising anything someone says that does not directly agree with them they are forgetting the whole point of all of us coming together.

Do away with heavy-handed moderating. Anyone who has seen me around knows I am a supporter of Occupy so why are my messages cleared from a chat room simply because I disagree with a moderators decision? I left before I was banned but I'm sure that happened anyhow.

Global Revolution removed most of its moderators and the chat was bumpy for a day or two but now runs better than ever. Mind your mistakes and learn from them people or we'll never be able to change anything.

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