Thursday, November 10, 2011

Searching Craigslist for RVs

I cheat and use I do a full search every 6 hours for 75 miles of Laurel, Md for the following terms:

motor home
Class C (Has to be a small class C 25' or less)
Class B
Camper Van
Conversion Van
Step Van
Box Van
Cab Over
High top
Moving Truck

I don't think I'm missing much in this search. I do it though the recreational vehicles and cars/trucks section. My main issue is that some of the money I need to use to buy the RV is sitting in my driveway in the form of my 1998 Dodge Durango. The trade of the truck for full/partial payment would be preferred since I will need to drive the vehicle away. Being without transportation will not do right now as I have too much to do. My preference is for a Rv but I may need to get a van for a short period. It is not just me traveling my cats will be along for the trip so I have a need for more space than if it were just me. The herniated disc in my neck screams that a high-top is a necessity.

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