Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To Those Of You Asking Why - Why Indeed

I can't understand people who say they still don't know what Occupy is about. It's about you - occupying your own thoughts and seeing there is a major problem with this country. You may not have an immediate solution but how can any one deny that there is a problem?

Occupy wants you to come peacefully to the general assembly and listen and add your voice. You don't have to come agree on everything and anything - maybe you will be the voice that solves a problem.

What I see when I look at Occupy is a lot of people helping other people. It's giving hope to people that we can fix the USA before it is driven straight into a brick wall. It's giving people who have been feeling worthless a sense of doing. Occupy communities are taking care of each other, feeding each other, clothing each other, offering medical aid, emotional support, literacy, sobriety, historic learning, and most of all a chance for each person to feel like they can be heard and not so alone. How is this bad?

At this point I believe Occupy needs to invest the money they have amassed and purchase communal living properties for the chance to continue to spread the message of awakening and to plan where this needs to go from here. We have a better chance of organizing in space where we don't have to battle every day, in space where the electricity is not questioned, where shelter is available and warm and where we can cook to feed everyone more easily.

I'll be out there soon, at different occupied cities, voicing my concern about where we go from here. In the meantime I'll continue to raise an eyebrow when folks say they don't understand what Occupy is saying.

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