Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I drink a lot of milk. I'm not kidding I can go through about 4 gallons in a week. 2% is where it's at! Of course living in a vehicle milk became a concern since I live on the stuff. Storing gallons is going to be difficult and it's not always easy to find bagged milk. Recently a friend cleared out her pantry and gave me a box of goodies including a box of Borden Shelf Stable Milk. I love Borden cheeses (mmm cheese) but was skeptical about the milk.

I stuck it in the fridge and used it the next day and to my surprise, it was good. I couldn't really tell a difference between my regular 2% and this milk.


The down side is the container sizes versus the cost. Shelf milk is much more expensive but it's going to be one expense I'm going to take on. There are few of my daily creature comforts that I am taking with me traveling - my bed, my cats and now shelf stable milk.

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