Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy - What Now?

This is just my streaming consciousness on what I think needs to happen for this to at all be successful.

I've seen a lot of the different GA's in many places having the same issue. They keep getting bogged down by the comfort issues that they put the important stuff until the end. The facilitators for each group need to have mini GAs and each night of the week should be dedicated to ONE MAJOR topic. It gives the mini GAs a chance to poll and take votes then bring those issues to the larger GA.

Does any of this sound familiar?

We have a government system that mostly works it just isn't working for us (the people) anymore. Instead politicians are bred to be just that and they have corporate sponsorship to do it. I think one of the major flaws with our current government is the electoral votes. They're crap. The popular vote is what should be deciding our leaders. We the people should be picking our leaders and frankly, any American who wants to be president should be able to run.

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