Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I watch very little TV as I've said but I do have a few guilty pleasure shows. Psych is one of those. The show cracks me up and is a nice giggly diversion from my current stresses.

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  1. Cherry, I see that you have left the cheaprvliving forum and I think you should reconsider. Feathers get so easily ruffled on forums as it is hard to truly express oneself with in a single small paragraph in a forum (no matter how many smiley faces you add at the end ;) That forum (and others) are a such valuable resource for folks that are just getting started (and those who have been doing it a long time!)You seemed very active and it would be a shame to lose a new member especially one with such a unique skillset. A lot of us travel with pets and having an expert on the forum is a great asset!! And your profile pic was cute. INSERT SMILEY FACE HERE!!