Sunday, July 01, 2012

New Themes and Travel

So after a lot of searching and then a lot of rewriting I have a new blog template. I loved the base theme but wanted something a little more personal so I've been working on changing the photos for the header image (still have one more to do) and adding social network icons both to the sidebar as well as the post footers. It took me a long time to do since I the only experience I have with html and css is via blog templates (livejournal and here) but it's easy enough to do as long as you have patience and a search engine.

With the new theme I can post bigger pictures (yay) and I attempted to go back through and change the photo sizes for most of the picture filled posts of the past.

I'm gearing up for a 12+ hour drive back down to MD from Maine. Here's secret fact #2573 about me - I hate driving. Yes, it would be odd that I would pick this lifestyle and hate driving. Actually I hate the other people on the road not necessarily driving itself. I'll be doing mostly night driving over a couple of days to get back south.

I'm excited to see everyone I've been missing over the past couple months. I haven't decided if I'm, staying at a park or am going to find someone's house I can plug in at. I'm going to NEED shade. Even though I have the A/C 100 degree heat will be too much for the A/C to keep up with since I only drop about 12 degrees below ambient temps. The van baking in 100 degree full sun could easily jump to over 120 degrees - the A/C won't work for that without shade. Then I can drop 12 degrees below ambient ahded temps which won't be so bad.

Dave and I have both been sick here at the house so I haven't made headway in getting my screens installed. I'll probably be looking to do that ASAFP in MD when I get there since they will help cool the interior off immensely - especially when I am not plugged in to use the A/C.

Meh. I'm babbling - I don't feel well in general and my neck has been killing me for a couple days.

Happy Canada day to all my Northernly friends.

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  1. Wow I really like this lay out!!! Maybe just maybe your neck is bothering you from driving and turning your head around a lot. That happens to me too.