Saturday, July 07, 2012

Heading Back to Maryland

Tomorrow night I'll be leaving Maine to head back to Maryland for the Annapolis Irish Festival next weekend. I'm planning to do the 11+ hour drive over two day and am hoping to avoid as much of the heat that has been plaguing the south as I can. Thus I'll be doing night driving. I figure the end of a holiday weekend on a Sunday when everyone has to be at work bright and early Monday morning - I should have the roads to myself. Well, me and the truckers.

Since April I have traveled 817 miles. Not too shabby. I still hate driving to be honest. My stomach has been in knots for a couple days knowing I have a long drive ahead of me. Hopefully I'll have better luck staying in touch with folks with the new phone (yes, I still need to get the number out to everyone)

From MD the plan is to come back to ME for three weeks before starting renfest season, horror convention season and trying to squeeze in another van run. For most of August through October I'll be in MD, DE, PA & NJ

I'll update again soon!

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  1. The heat has finally broken here, for now at least. Hope it does up your way as well soon.