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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Made it to MD

I have no idea how long the trip actually took me. I left around 9pm on Sunday. Stopped for a nap at a pitch black picnic area in CT and then continued driving yesterday morning around 7. Made it to MD at 5:30pm.

I had to stop for gas just outside of Baltimore off Pulaski Hwy and it struck me - it's so noisy here. Between rush hour traffic and the police helicopter buzzing directly over my head I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed.

Also since I left before it could set in - the heat and humidity here are suffocating. That quickly I forgot what MD summers are all about.

Parked at a friend's house - they weren't home so I helped myself to some electricity to cool off the poor cats. When I stopped driving it was pushing 110 degrees in the van. The cats were all sprawled out and panting - it was rather sad. Once the air kicked on and dropped the interior by 20 degrees (aided by the sun going down) everyone perked back up and then passed out.

I also got to catch up on Sunday's True Blood! Woot!
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  1. Apparently my friend Ted us going to be in the next few episodes of true blood.

  2. I also feel terrible when the kitties start panting. Only happened last week, but toar at my heart strings.

  3. Funny, I'm right down the road from Pulaski Highway.