Thursday, May 03, 2012

Well Hello, Heat

It's a beautiful day here in Gillette, PA. The sun is shining, a small breeze is blowing and the inside of my van is 95 degrees! Holy hot, Batman! I've been out here replacing all of the screws for my cabinet doors and was sweating my ass off so I decided to give the rooftop A/C a go. I know it turns on but does the compressor kick on so it actually blows cold air . . .? Yeeessss! Hooray.

It's taken about 20 minutes to cool the interior off. I don't think the air is blowing as cold as it will once I boost the freon in it but it's blowing cold enough to cool the interior by about 10 degrees. I took a little cardboard and scotch tape and directed the air flow down to the bed and floor so the air blow over myself and the cats constantly. What a huge difference. Do I think it would make much difference if I was in the desert? No, not until I get it boosted but for now it's doing just what it needs to. I'm sure the thermal curtains are helping some as well.

For giggles I pulled the cover off the interior of the A?C because I'm pretty sure it should likely have some sort of filter on it. Sure enough there was a filter but when I touched it it disintegrated - that's pretty gross. I also scrubbed out the interior of some dust and it seems to be pumping a little colder so maybe it doesn't need a freon boost. I'm not sure what sort of cooling this unit should be doing. 

Speaking of curtains, my stupid window shade broke for the big window on the side. I'm irritated about this because I liked the shade. It had two sections I could pull up - one for privacy that still allowed light through and one for privacy that blacked out the window. It's one of those shades on strings and original so it's built into the wall of the van. It shouldn't be too hard to replace once I find out where the hoot to buy one that I don't have to order online.

I also still haven't gotten my Good Sam card which is pissing me off. I received a temporary one in my email but no real one yet. Think I'll probably have to call them before I head out of here.

I'm going to try to take some pictures in the next day or two. It's so pretty up here and I want to get pictures of Murf's 9/11 memorial van - it's friggin' awesome!

Murf and I went to see The Raven yesterday. I liked it quite a bit. It was an interesting take on what may have happened in the last few days of Poe's life. Loved John Cusack as Poe.

Watched The Hunger Games today - the book was better. Not that the movie was bad but the book had so much more information.

Tried to watch Cabin In The Woods yesterday - I just couldn't keep up with it so I'll finish reading the novelization by Tim Lebbon. Tim is an awesome writer and a hell of a nice guy.

I'm still feeling good about being in the van. Like I told Silver a couple days ago, I feel like I'm where I belong, doing what I should be doing. Somehow I managed to find my path as well as my calling. I should be grateful I was able to do it at age 36/ 37 rather than later towards the end of my life. I'm sleeping well nearly every night, have no stress, and really, what more could you ask for than to wake up every day and be HAPPY to see the day and whatever may come at you?

Someone recently wrote me an email that quoted a poet whose name I can't recall now. He said something to the effect of, "All I need to be able to afford is my life."

Ain't that the truth!


  1. If you're still interested in the vortex. I think it'll help because it would suck out all the hot air giving the AC an easier time to cool down the inside. At least that's what I read it does by all the people who use them with their AC's.

  2. Way to go, Cherry...big change from a few months ago, eh?

  3. @Steve - Yes, I'm still interested. I didn't think about that purpose but now that I can justify the fan for two purposes, I'm all in.