I'm Not Paranoid But ...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Should I be concerned that I have hits to my website from the US Department of Defense Network in Bel Air, MD?


Karen and Tony said...

Whoa - that's really weird!

Michelle said...

I got that too. Since I don't pay for anti virus program for my computer they tend to creep in. I use Peer Block now and they keep them at bay. They SPY. Peer Block is a free antispy program. There are others but this is the one I use. They slow your computer down too I notice. They do it to whoever has no protection.

Dragonfly said...

If you're not paranoid, you aren't paying attention.

Steve said...



Witchhunter said...

Probably just predator crawlers. No doubt you've dropped some keywords in a post that attracted them.

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