Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Flooring - Part Two

Silver and I managed to pull out the front seats, fit the vinyl, trace what needed to be cut and get it back in the van in two days (a week ago). We also managed to get the step plates off and get the passenger side tacked down. The drivers side is as yet unfinished. It's not flat in spots but it's functional. I also need to cut off the extra behind the driver's seat since I'll need that later.

I decided to forgo trying to do the doghouse as a cat scratching post. I kept the carpet I pulled off so I would have something to use to cut new material and decided to just paint it as I did the carpet in the back and reattach it. It turned out pretty good.

It all definitely looks better than it did with no flooring.

Yesterday I went out and pulled out the rest of the carpet I wanted to removed and started the tedious task of plucking carpet and padding out from under the edges so I can squeeze the new flooring under the furniture some. I also went to Lowes and picked up a box of eight 18x18 snap fit rubber tiles. I figure 8 should be more than enough for what I want to cover - it's just a matter of fitting it all in like a puzzle to make it work.

I measured and drew out a rough diagram yesterday but am getting ready to do a second one so I can compare the measurements. If the sun ever gets out today I'll be able to lay out and snap together the tiles so I can cut out what I need to fit in the van. I'll be using spare bits from the front vinyl to do the step in on the side. I'll try to get some pics if I can remember to do it.

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  1. Pictures please ... especially while it's in progress. I love seeing stuff like that!