Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Flooring - Part Three

Silver came over when she got off work tonight. I already had the measurements done (twice) and was laying out a piece of paper to create the guide for the tile layout. The tiles I picked have hidden interlocking bits which I really wanted. However, this makes it much more difficult to do smaller, awkward spaces. She and I managed to get the paper design done and laid out and marked most of the larger areas. Thankfully my roommate has a take saw and I used that to cut the tiles because I just couldn't manage it by hand. (I miss the strength I had before the disk issue in my neck happened)

I need to go tomorrow and find some floor trim (whatever the proper name for that shit is) I need two 24 inch pieces and am still debating if I want to do around the entire floor and along the sides of the furniture - for now I just need something functional. I'll be tacking down the flooring today and trying to cut puzzle pieces for the small areas we didn't cut today. I'll get pics before I tack anything down.

I have to say I miss working with Silver. We were a great team when we worked in the same hospital together and we're still terrific team problem solvers now. We kick out legendary brainstorming! To celebrate our (mostly) victory over the flooring we headed over to Longhorn's and got huge steaks and alcohol. She's probably the best friend anyone could ever ask for and I'm damned glad she made it into my world.

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