Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Shower/ Closet Revisited

A little trial and error was needed here. While the closet was working perfectly for holding my belongings and bungee cords mostly kept things in place there are smaller things in there that just don't have an easy way to bungee them so they won't slide out and hit the floor. This is extremely unsafe and won't do.

It occurred to me that I still have the cargo net from the repossessed Tucson. 6 screws later and the whole closet has a removable cargo holder. Awesome! Sometimes I'm glad I've been one of those people who hasn't thrown otherwise useful things away just because I didn't have an immediate use for them! Granted, that part of me is slowly dying right now since I really don't have the space to tote things I can't/ won't use but for now and while I can still pilfer useful things from my house I'm a happy chick!

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