Thursday, January 05, 2012

Yet Another Fun Day In The TP

TP = trailer park.

I took the van out this afternoon to vacuum it out. There's a lot of broken light bulb pieces plus some spilled spices in the cabinets and before I can line the shelves and drawers I just wanted to suck the garbage out.

Coming back through my neighborhood all the kids are also coming home from school which means that there are kids of all ages everywhere. There are always kids out playing anyhow because we don't really have yards here. So the little boy across the street from me is outside on this unseasonable warm day driving around in his little battery powered car. When I say little boy I mean that he's 4, maybe 5, years old. He sees me coming in my huge van and pulls over into the end of a neighbors driveway to let me pass. Before I can even start coasting forward to get to my driveway (2 away from where he's sitting) the woman whose driveway he's in comes backing out of her drive. Not just coasting out, she's got her foot on the gas and come flying out. As I'm moving my hand to hit the horn to let her know she needs to stop she nails the poor little kid. Since she was moving at a pretty good clip (5 - 10 miles an hour) pieces of his little car go flying and his mom is now screeching her way across the street. He's bawling, she's bawling and now, behind the wheel of my van, I have burst into tears.

Out of the van I go to provide any sort of first aid I can. The kid is relatively unhurt buy he's saying his leg hurts and at this point mom is screaming at this woman about to kill her (as any mother would be). So I send them across the street and tell them to call 911. At this point the woman who hit the kid is getting back in her car to leave like nothing ever happened. I blocked her in and told her that leaving would not be beneficial to her since she'd likely be charged with hit and run as well as leaving the scene of an accident and this woman has the nerve to get pissy with me! Oh hells no.

The police and ambulance came, took my information and statement. The boy went to the hospital and now it looks like I'm going to have to go to court over all of this.

Ecsh! Seems like any time I leave my house anymore the police are involved. On the bright side I know I'm not wanted for anything since they've had my name twice in the past month is connection to witnessing something that's gone on in the neighborhood.

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  1. I know it's a major pain in the ass sometimes but you did the right thing. Can't tell you how many people I've helped out by being the one with the cool head making sure the right things got done.