Friday, January 06, 2012

Sleeping Like A Princess

In my attempt to downsize my life I am sacrificing a lot of belongings as well as a lot of space. My three main concerns with living full-time in a smallish camper van were as follows:
  1. The cats and ensuring their happiness & health.
  2. Being able to stand up since I do have a herniated disc in my neck.
  3. My bed and being able to stretch out (even though I do tend to sleep curled in a ball)
The cats will do fine and I can stand up in the van so that brings me to concern #3 - sleeping. The dinette in the van does convert to a bed and if I was a foot shorter would do me just fine as far as sleeping arrangements so but I'm not so it won't. This means that I can not convert the attic into a kitty corner as I was originally planning on doing. Making that a full-time cat spot would deprive me of much needed sleeping space. After oiling up the attic slide I pulled it out and was thrilled to see that it's actually much bigger than my bed in the house (a full sized platform bed). The attic bed is a full queen sized sleeping area. The original cushions that are there are firm - a little too firm for my sleeping. I discovered today that my 4 inch thick memory foam will fit up there and has the ability to fold up when I push the slide in. Even though I imagine I will leave it out if I am parked anywhere for any length of time because it will give the cats more space and save me the trouble of having to set up the bed every night.

It's wonderfully comfortable!

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