Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What is Wrong With Me?

That's rhetorical - sort of. It's been a while since I've updated and there are many reasons for that. The major two being The Inn itself and my health.

The Inn Carburetor Saga is a story for another time because I had to leave my house in MD while I traveled down to Louisiana for their renaissance festival. It is a very long story and much less important than the other half of what's going on, namely my poor health.

I'm making this post as a sort of warning that I will soon be posting pictures of what is happening to me. Only one is really worth the warning and not really that bad except that it's my groin. I'll start those posts tomorrow since I'll have to backtrack in time a bit. I'm going to be posting this for my own records as well as in hope that someone else might benefit from my experience.

I'm currently waiting on my bloodwork results from my second emergency room visit in three days. The Er managed to narrow down my choices to Lyme Disease or Lupus. Based on what I've been reading my bets are on Lyme.

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