Thursday, September 17, 2015


The seasons are changing fast here in Maryland. The air is whispering of Autumn already with cool nights and daytime temps in the 80's. We're three weeks into MDRF with only 6 more to go.

Last winter I went to my mom's in Delaware to spend some time with her and catch up on life in general. This year I'm heading south to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. Last night I secured a gig working for a hair accessory booth. The pay isn't fabulous but it's better than no pay. I love this little festival, too. It's very cute (unless it rains and the lake in the middle overflows).

I still have to replace my carburetor before I leave MD which is some of the reason I was looking to work through the winter. That repair is going to cost me quite a bit of my saved funds from MDRF.

The cats are well and I am well - mostly. I get a bit antisocial when working festivals because it's a lot of energy to sit and small talk with people all day. It takes me a while to recharge.