Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Outlandish Geillis Duncan Cape

The Outlander series is such a hit right now. I, too, have been watching to see how the novels play out for TV. In episodes 3 and 10 Geillis Duncan wears this wonderful wool cape that I absolutely fell in love with so I set out to make one of my very own.
Geillis Duncan on the right wearing THE cape.
 I have minimal felting experience - I've made two pieces of flat felt, two felt flowers and one nuno felted scarf before undertaking this process. With a pretty picture in my head I ordered the wool I wanted.
I ordered Gotland wool in both locks and roving - a pound and a half combined. The color is such a pretty grey with white, black and silver mixed it.

 I spent a lot of time (5 hours) laying out the wool and the fringe. The above picture is after hand felting for several hours which I had to do the next day because I ran out of daylight to work.

The nearly finished cloak drying outside. All that is left to do is add the ties to keep it closed. It is extremely wet in this picture so the locks look all skinny - they really aren't. I got just enough texture and was able to make my cloak a bit longer than the one Geillis wears. I could have shrunk it more but I like this size. It's 78 x 30 inches when laid out flat.

WOOHOO! Success! It turned out just how I pictured it in my head and I'm super happy and proud that I made this. I can't wait to show it off in the Fall.

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