Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Outlander and New Garb

I have read all 8 Outlander books by Diana Galbaldon and while I took some serious issue with some of the writing the story itself is a wonderful one. Starz has brought the books to life with the series of the same name and while I still have many of the same issues with the show I am glad to see it. The wardrobe of some of the actors is simply amazing. The capelet Geillis Duncan (played by Lotte Verbeek) wears in the picture above (she's on the right) is so yummy - I WANT ONE!

Once I saw this capelet in episode 3 and then again in episode 10 I decided I simply had to have it. I can not, however, find any information about the thing online. But from my exceptionally untrained eye it looks to be wet felted from raw wool fleece. I have since decided to make an Outlander inspired cape (mine will likely be longer). I ordered a pound and a half of grey Gotland sheep wool with a pound of that being uncarded curly locks and the other 8 ounces in carded wool. I'm so excited for the project and IF it turns out like I hope it will I am planning to make several more to sell. Selling price will likely be around $240 shipped since wool isn't cheap and the time it takes to make a large wet felted piece of clothing is immense.

In other renaissance garb news - I am having a custom cotehardie made from a wonderful Etsy seller. This will simplify my garb so much when it comes to working for The Rogues AND it will match The Rogues tartan wonderfully. This is made by the fabulous Melinda from Camelot's Closet. Melinda has been super helpful in getting me the correct size and color to match the tartan as well as being the most reasonably priced custom clothier for this type of dress that I could find during my extensive internet searching. $57 shipped for a custom dress made in the USA. If you are not as tall as me yours wouldn't even cost that much but since I need a dress to fit a 5'9" body mine was a little more costly. The dress is 100% cotton (she also offers linen as an option) and will be great for covering my tattoos without roasting me during the summer festivals. You can see this outfit in person by coming out to the Virginia Renaissance Festival the weekends of May 30 - 31 and June 6 - 7 where I will be selling merchandise for The Rogues.

Now I just need new renaissance shoes and I will be all set for faire!
Custom cotehardie

The Rogues tartan

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