Friday, August 22, 2014

Maryland Renaissance Festival Starts Tomorrow

Woohoo! I return to the world of weekend employed tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to having weekends to work since I haven't worked a physical job since April. Being out of my garb for almost 4 months has been a nice break and it makes me excited to be getting back into it.

There are a lot of friends I'm excited to see who I only get to see at the Maryland faire. I'm not camping on site and I'm actually a little grateful for that although it makes life easier when I'm there - being able to walk to work, sleeping in a little later, hanging out in the evenings - all good things. But by not being on site I won't have to deal with the shit stirrers drama, the mud when it's raining, being alone, having ot drive out to do laundry or spot-a-potties. All in all I'm glad I ended up staying put where I am.

I'll be working for a new business this year so that means new skills, new merchandise and new faces. I'll be working next door to some folks who I adore so that's a plus too.

I'm looking forward to the season even though I'm getting no play time. At least I know solidly what my house are plus there aren't many acts that I am dying to see - well none actually. My favorite acts aren't there this year so there are faces I'm going to miss seeing but who knows, maybe next year.

I'll try to get some updated pictures!

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