Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hoop Challenge Fail

I failed at the 30 day hoop challenge so I'll try again next month (only it'll be a 28 day hoop challenge). Why did I fail? t got freaking cold in Texas.

When I first moved into The Inn on a full time basis it was in April, in Maryland. That first night in the van it went to 24 degrees and, until a couple weeks ago, that had been the coldest night I spent in here. Not anymore.

It went  down to 16 degrees here in San Marcos. That 24 degree night was a walk in the park, with 6 cats (again, each putting out 62 btus at rest) sleeping on me. Right now I'm only keeping one or two of the cats in the van at night and the rest are camped in Randy's RV where they have more room to run and be obnoxious.16 degrees was cold. There was frost on he inside of the windows from the humidity inside and Dandy wanted to sleep under the covers which is unusual for him. I was throwing many, many thanks toward Maine and Dave Hufstader who gave me a small electric space heater for the van since I hadn't (and still haven't) inspected the furnace and propane systems.

Not only did it get cold but it got very windy for several days. Hooping in 20 mph winds isn't fun and if it's not fun, it's not worth doing.

I have been hooping though and I think I'm finally finding my flow. I still really, really want both a LED and a poly pro hoop but my work with the heavy hoop I have now has gotten tons better.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Hoopy 30/30 Day 2

Day two of the hoop challenge brought with it an interesting obstacle - wind. Hooping in 19 mile an hour winds is difficult. I hooped for about 20 minutes and was so cold I couldn't even move to keep up with the hoop.

I did work on reverse flow hooping (hooping the opposite way that you usually do) and waist breaks, however, it was not pleasant and so I didn't meet the full 30 minutes for this day.

I'll make up for the 10 minutes I missed in day 3.

Boots, Hogmanay and Hoopy 30/30 Challenge

Tobacco Elk Medieval Moccasins boot
These are my boots  made by Medieval Moccasins. Soft tobacco colored elk leather. Seriously, to die for. Yes, this is random but it's the first chance I've had to get pictures of them and I was wearing them to one of the best parties on the planet.

Ros and Paul Shepherd throw the best New Year Eve party I have ever experienced. It's called a Hogmanay. Picture, if you will, the most talented musicians on a variety of Celtic instruments, tons of people - from everywhere. Fabulous food. A midnight parade around the neighborhood (seriously) complete with bagpipes, percussion, flags in which the entire party takes place. Neighbors come out of their houses with their kids and cameras - it truly is a spectacle. Unfortunately, this was their last one here in the states as they are moving to Spain some time this year. I am so blessed that I got to participate at this party for the past two years.

While at the party I took a bit of time for myself. I've agreed to participate in a hooping 30 days challenge - hoop for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. So at 1am I took to the empty street in front of the house and hooped for about an hour under the new year sky. What a great way to start a new year and a new challenge.

Stay tuned for daily hooping updates.