Friday, October 18, 2013

Last MDRF Weekend

Finally! It's the last weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival! This excites me for a number of reasons:

The Rogues are back to playing! That's right the fellas will be out there playing some awesome music! You will be able to find me selling CDs whenever they are playing. This also means I get to see the wonderful Heather again.

Chela and Klaus are coming into town. I'm so excited to see them and hug them!

The culmination of all of the hard work Stacy Lute and I have been doing for the Ingrid Wendt Healing Fund happens on Saturday. Without Stacy I would still be floundering around. I'm so glad she took the reins on the auction! The event is going to be wonderful and a glorious celebration of Ingrid nd a chance for some closure for those of us who had to stay here when Ingrid passed.

Sunday - all of my rowdy friends are coming to faire! At the first Rogues show we will be gathering to remember Heather and Brit's mom, Joyce. I can't wait to see everyone. I need a dose of my peoples. I'll be working selling CDs but it's the last day so I plan on getting a bit rowdy myself.

This summer has been a lot of work and it's not quite over yet . . .

The first weekend or so in November I am working on a Make the Homeless Smile event. If any of my friends have cold weather clothing, blankets ect they would like to donate please bring them to faire with you and I will get them there.

Stay tuned for pictures from the summer and the fundraiser.

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