Monday, July 15, 2013

Spring in Texas Pt. 1

I have a ton of pictures I haven't had time to post. Pictures that go all the way back to November so the next few posts may contain little else. I need to catch up before I can post about all the wonderful things currently going on. This is my goal over the next few days ...

I spent the Spring working for Medieval Moccasins at various markets, Sherwood Forest Faire, Scarborough Renaissance Festival and the Folk Life Festival. Definitely an interesting experience since I've never held a sales job. I was concerned that I wouldn't do well but I was wrong. It's easy to do sales when you believe in the product. I love the shoes s oI can sell them.

I also had the chance to flex my creativity by making an selling dragon eggs for kid's day at Scarby. I didn't sell many but got a ton of compliments on them, enough that I am working towards making enough stock to be able to do a market or event on my own.

My garb is getting crazy - currently own more garb than regular clothes.

Chela made little leather egg holders!

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