Thursday, May 23, 2013

In Need of a Hoopervention

Back in January I bought myself an infinity hoop with the very good intentions of learning how to hula hoop dance and trick hooping with the ultimate goal of hooping fire.
My first hoop
 Well that hoop (an expensive hoop from Body Works) left me very bruised and I found myself ignoring the fact that I bought it until I started working at Scarborough Faire in April. See, the Medieval Moccasin booth is across from the play tent. The play tent sells all sorts of fun toys including, you guessed it, hula hoops! Around the second week I went over and ordered a new hoop. Two weeks after that I still didn't have my hoop because the poor girl running the tent had some health issues but that gave me time to think about the hoop I ordered. I changed my mind on an infinity hoop and picked out a regular lighter weight hoop in pretty browns and blues. The week after that I ordered a second larger hoop and I've been steady hooping since then.
The god of hoop dance - Wackumnofaces - blesses my hoops so that I won't look like a hockey goalie after practicing neck hooping and shoulder tricks.
So really, I've only been seriously hooping for about a month.

Hoop dancing has a terrific learning curve. It's so easy to pick up tricks and stuff because when you get it - it feels right with the flow of the hoop and becomes, in most cases, way easier than I was attempting.

Even the lighter hoop leaves bruises when learning new tricks.
 The girl who runs the play tent is going to take my heavy hoop and trade me a new heavier hoop that won't bruise me. I'm excited to get it this weekend!

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