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Saturday, August 04, 2012

I've always known my cats were against me sleeping. I always assumed it was some masterful ploy by them to keep me malleable but I'm starting to wonder if this isn't some sort of watch-keeping.

I've always wondered why my cats would wake me up and then as soon as I'm UP they go to sleep. Definitely a wonky practice on their part but I'm wondering if, in groups of feral cats, they "keep watch"

I could just be nuts because it's 5am and I'm awake and now they are all asleep like it was my imagination that randomly started tipping things off the counter.


Drive-by Andy said...

Could be. My male cat used to do that too. I'd wake myself up enough to satisfy him and then I would go back to sleep. For some reason he hasn't done it in a while.

Travelling Man said...

Haha! Awesome!

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