Thursday, August 09, 2012

Just a Quick Yop


First lookit this great vinyl window decal Dave of made for me! Awesome!

Second, I'm hitting the road again. This week is busy, busy. I'll be hitting 5 states in a week and a half. This weekend is the Super Somer van run in CT. Should be a great time. I'll take lots of pics - I hope.

Third - you know you're a van dweller when your passenger seat looks like this:
The base of it broke, it got fixed and broke again so I'm done fixing it - bungee to the rescue.

That's about it - I'm going to be test posting from the road via the new phone. I haven't been in a data service area to give it a go so if you see some fuckity posts from me over the next week you'll know why.

Until next time ...

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  1. Dang, attaching it to the arm rest is just asking for the cats to start using the chair as part of the scratching post.....

  2. Hi Cherry. A while ago you mentioned that you tweaked your template. Or was it your CSS? to customize your blog. When you're able, would you mind directing me to where you talk about it?