Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Chemise Color Debacle Continues and Other Crafts

Pretty sure it's still going to be on the day-glo side when it dries. I even added some green to the dye to tone it down because red wasn't doing it. Looks like I'm going to just dye it a chocolate brown or maybe bleach the color out of it. I'll wait to fully pass judgement until it dries.

Meanwhile I also dyed some other shirts and took pics of my process.

Rubber bands, clothes to be dyed,

Three different ways of banding shirts

Still soaking ...

Add color however you want. Don't oversaturate otherwise the colors all bleed together.

Chemise still soaking. Shirts tied up in bags to marinate.

Don't be an idiot like me ... use gloves.
The shirts need to soak for a few hours so in the meantime why not make some home made fire starters? These fire starters are awesome ... wanna know why? They're free! Make them with things you have around the house already. Use a paper egg carton (no Styrofoam!) Fill each cup with lint from your dryer, melt down a couple of candles you can't reach the wick on anymore and pour the wax over the lint and cut them apart when cool. Viola! Each starter will burn for about 5 - 7 minutes with a 4 inch flame..

Lint a plenty!

Melting the wax. Create a double boiler bu placing water in a pot and melting in a separate container.

Ready to pour? The red rubber is an oven mitt. It was a gift - I love it.

 I need to get a pic of them finished and I will. But remember your clothes? It's time to rinse...

I try to set up on a hill so the water will run away from where I'm standing.

Unravel the bands in a bucket and hose away...

Let hang to drip a bit then come back and rinse again. It may take several times before the water runs completely clear and if you don't rinse it out the colors will run to the lowest points. After rinsing I always wash mine in the washer on a cold setting then dry as usual.
Enjoy! Peace out!

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