Monday, July 02, 2012

Dying Clothing

My paint project drop cloth. It's starting to look like  work of art on it's own.
 Today I decided to tie-dye some shirts and in the process re-dye two pieces of clothing that were stained. Tie-dying is the perfect way to bring new life to something you love that has a stain.

In my case it was a plain white v-neck t-shirt. I love that shirt - it's soft and it fits well so when I dropped a blob of mustard right on the front of it I was pretty upset. I tried covering the spot by tie-dying with Simply Spray fabric spray and it worked but I only had black available to me and so it faded in the wash and looked like it was just a dirty work shirt. Today I recolored it using a tie-dye kit from the local craft store. I also did three other plain white v-necks and a pair of cream colored corduroy shorts I adore but ruined when I sat in a blob of tar on a picnic table bench. I decided to dye them dark green so I can wear them to the Irish Festival in a couple weeks.

I don't have pics of during the dying process but here's what it all looks like right now. When they finish the coloring process I'll post pics of the results.

Dyed shirts and shorts in bags to keep them damp so the color can soak in. They'll be sitting there for the next 6 hours. Also the coloring bottles drying in the sun.

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