Monday, July 30, 2012

Cat Proofing the Windows

You might be a van dweller if you have reclaimed lattice bungeed to your windows to keep your pets in.

Even before I moved into the van I knew I was going to have to find a way to screen the front windows so I could put them down for air flow.

I've looked at numerous products (they all cost too much) from screens, pillowcase screens, velcro screens, magnetic screens - the list is endless.

Today - after I decided to clean out the van- I realized it's too damned hot in there. There's a glorious southern wind and I can't take advantage of it because 2 of my windows have to stay up.

Then I got the idea to bungee lattice to the doors. It's working wonderfully.

How did you do this?

Get some old lattice
Get a big piece of cardboard
Trace your window from the inside on to the cardboard and add about a half inch.
Trace your template on to the lattice.
Cut & bungee.

Granted, I'm still going to clean the lattice up. It needs a good cleaning, regluing, and a nice coat of spray paint. I'll probably also staple some mesh on the inside to help control bugs as well. Until then it;s doing what I need it to do ...

5 out of 6 cats do not approve this DIY!
More pics:


  1. Oh thats cool, pun intended.

  2. Well that's a little red-neck-ish....but oh so useful. Great idea. It will look better painted. The cats probably love smelling the fresh breeze as it comes in the windows now!

    1. Yeah a little redneckish but I grew up in a redneck land. It will definitely look better when I sand it down to fit in the window frame more and add velcro straps to hold it in place. The problem is I used reclaimed lattice so it's old and in bad shape in spot. Needs a ton of glue to hold it all together before I start sanding and painting. I think I might put little planter spots on it to hold the herb garden I'm planning to grow. It'll hopefully look less redneck and more quaint when I'm finished.

  3. That's a great way of keeping the cats in, but how do you keep the bugs out as they're not screened?