Awwww The Inn is Now a .com

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So I went ahead and purchased - for now it just redirects to this blog. Maybe 'll have to look into having a professional template made. Anyone know any really good site builders?


Em said...

How do you go about buying a site name? Are there different places where you have to shop around, or is there just one specific site/company/whatever that you can purchase them from?

Cherry Wanders said...

You can purchase your domain name directly through Blogger in your blog settings. It's $10 for a year with private registration (which is really not a bad price) You blog will automatically forward to your new domain so you won't have to move anything like pictures or posts. This blog can still be accessed via but it will automatically change the address to

Here's an information page from Blooger/ Google

Em said...

Thanks so much! That seems pretty easy! I do have one more question that you might not know.

Say you decide to ditch blogger and want to use wordpress, or do something totally different with Since you bought it through blogger, are you stuck using blogger? Or are you free to make it something else?

Cherry Wanders said...

Even though you are technically purchasing the domain directly from Google Apps the domain is actually supported by Go Daddy. You can port your domain to any other server you want. Once you buy it, you own it. Usually there's another charge to port the domain - you'll have to pay yearly fees (just like Google's $10/yr) unless you have your own server I suppose.

Em said...

Thanks! I might just have to go ahead and get myself one!

Do you want your blog title to show up on rolls as "Wayward Pussy Inn" or "Cherry Wanders"?

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