Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some Projects Completed!

PhotobucketAs of today I have a back up cam and a new stereo on the Wayward Pussy Inn. Huzzah! I won't back into any other buildings and I can listen to MY music!

It started out looking rather rough this afternoon:

But after - 
 I have a new back up camera

 With a color monitor. I have no idea what we cut to make room  for the camera to mount under the overhead panel. Dave seems to believe it was a radar detector holder. In any case, it was cut flat. I plan to mount my GPS unit next to the cam monitor. I turn the camera on by turning on the TV switch in the overhead controls.

I also have a new stereo that I bought from some local shop for $80 plus tax. The old one was spitting out my CDs (we won't discuss how the new one is spitting out my CDs as well because my CDs are in pretty bad shape.) The new stereo sounds a ton better. Now I can play music from my computer.

Huge thanks to Dave Hufstader for taking the time to fancy pants the Inn today!


  1. I think I'll make you a mix CD about backing that thang up. Yanno, just cuz! :-D

  2. @Steve

    Go on make me a mix CD - I dare ya! Maybe I don't but I bet it would be funny as hell.

  3. Do you have a lot more repairs to go?