Friday, June 01, 2012

Made it to Maine

 Just a short update.

Spent the night before last as well as yesterday morning making my way from NY to ME. it was a pleasant drive - no overheating to speak of so that's a plus.

It's so pretty up here. The sky is a different kind of blue than I'm used to seeing in polluted central MD. And the company ain't so bad either!

Staying with a vannin' friend with plans to figure out why the Wayward Pussy Inn is overheating and possibly getting these fuel sending units I've been toting around finally put in and maybe, just maybe, having a working gas gauge.

I haven't taken any pics yet - but I will!


  1. Wayward Pussy Inn? I love that!! So cute. Good luck on fixing her.

  2. Bah...gas gauge is over rated!! :) Hope you figure out the overheating!!! Enjoy your stay there!

  3. Wayward Pussy Inn! Love it.