Monday, May 14, 2012

Leak Free!

Yesterday I decided fuck it all - Murf and I threw a few tubes of silicone at the van. We lined all of the gutters and I did around the side window and the windshield. It doesn't look pretty but I think it's doing the job. I'm definitely glad I picked up clear silicone.

We took the tarp off the van at noon today (24 hours after the silicone was applied) and it's been raining steady for 8 hours now and no water in the van! Of course I could have sealed the whole van into a silicone bubble with the same effect. The job may not hold up long term but it's doing what I need it to for now and only cost me $12 and an hours worth of time.


This means I can get the interior window trim back on tomorrow morning (when I can see what I'm doing) and probably get on the road either late tomorrow night or Wednesday afternoon. I'm trying to avoid any sort of traffic plus it's supposed to be crap weather for the next couple of days.

I looked up RV parks near Greenwich, NY (my next actual set destination) and also found two animal rescues who might need some volunteers - plus I'm also trying to find a hospital that might be willing to barter some of my work skills for Rabies and FVRCP vaccines for half the crew here.

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