Monday, May 28, 2012


Yes, I meant to spell it that way. I'm currently sitting in a RV park in Rhinebeck, NY. The Interlake RV park is rated one of the too 100 parks in the nation by Good Sam and has a 9.5 out of 10 rating. I picked it because it has a lake, pool, internet, laundry showers and a ton of other amenities.

I paid $32.50 for the night (that's with a Good Sam discount) and while that would be a high price for every day, for one night - it works especially since I can do my laundry!

I'm waiting on a friend who's driving in from Yonkers to visit. I haven't seen him in nearly 5 years so it should make for an interesting visit.

But this isn't about now - this post is about getting Lost (on the high seas, no less)

Last Wednesday I arrived in Greenwich, NY for the Lost van in. Basically a van is a bunch of fun folks who own and adore vans getting together to show them off and party. It's a fabulous time. Lost was the second eVANt I attended and I had a blast at both.

(I even took pictures this time - we'll get to those later)

First, I have a list of folks I want to thank:
  •  Sandy from Bad Girls Club for talking to a total stranger and letting me speak to an available mechanic when I overheated 45 minutes from Lost. I owe ya a drink!
  • John - for lending me his 12' ladder and caulk gun.
  • Kurk and his wife for the cat food and kitty littler. (I do love me some practical gifts!) Also to Kurk for installing my new roof vent - I love it and the cats do too.
  • Rizz for the LED lights and putty as well as a new experience =D
  • Tequila for bringing me the companion to the Hunger Games books. I'm definitely going to go pick a copy of that up so I can read more than just chapter 2. For the laughter on Sunday night - I thought I was going to pee myself. Also for the spare key holder and cargo net (which the cats have indeed taken over as their bed)
Also to everyone else I met and chatted with. I learn something from everyone I talk to and the wealth of knowledge floating around at eVANts is amazing. Just wish there were some learning type seminars at these things. All of the offers of help or places to park. Beware, I'm going to take some of you up on a few of the offers I received.

Like I said, I did take some pictures. I'll upload them later tonight when my mind is whirling at 400 mph.

Now about my van. I overheated getting to the eVANt. *insert big frowny face here* Leaving Lost was no better - not only did I overheat within 20 minutes of driving but now my exhaust idiot light is on *insert even bigger frowny face here* and I have no idea what the hoot that means. I never noticed it on before but that's not to say it wasn't considering they put all the idiot lights at knee level on the left side. Looks like I may be taking a trip to a mechanic this week.

Thankfully this RV park gives you a solid 24 hours when you check in so I don't have to leave here until nearly 6 tomorrow night - YAY!

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