Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fixing The Leak

Well I climbed up on a ladder and had a look over the window where the leak is. Have to say I'm a bit overwhelmed by what I'm seeing. Everything is in such bad shape I don't know where to begin.

 I already knew my fiberglass top is in pretty bad shape. I have no idea how to go about fixing that and for now it's not a concern - before I go to the desert it will be. Can I just throw a rubber coat over it, what prep do I need to take, do I have to re-coat it? Too many questions and it's ok for now. On the other hand it looks like I'm having a gutter issue even though I know all of the other seals are in bad shape. That beige wavy stripe is some sort of rubber lining to my gutters. It's peeled up and right over where the leak is occurring inside. What are the chances it will be this easy to fix? That's a rhetorical question because I already know the answer.

How the hell do I fix that? What is that stuff? It sure looks like something that was laid down in a strip and not originally a liquid or gel or silicone that was squirted in. IS there some special van gutter sealant?


  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

  2. It's called seam sealer. I see you posted something about it on and some folks put up their suggestions. Best to dig all that old shit out and replace with the new. Hopefully there isn't alot of rust under that stuff. :-(

  3. I would just get a tube of silicone and fill all the gaps you can find in the gutters. As for the rest of the roof, you probably want to get some fiberglass patch if it Is bad enough.

  4. Pry out the mess and take another couple pictures, one from a little ways away so the rest of us can figure out what we're looking, and then one of the inside of the gutter.

    You have a screw strip right above that gutter (Behind that black plastic trim piece are multiple screws, likely that whole trim strip needs to be removed cleaned and resealed).

  5. You're going to Greenwich, NY?!! I grew up in neighboring Cambridge and I went to a Greenwich boy's senior prom. I think that area is the most beautiful place on earth, of course.

    Your blog is interesting. I wish I'd found it sooner. Oh well, now I have some fun catching-up to do!

  6. I've never been up that way. The most I've seen of NY was Times Square - once and parts of upstate- Ballston Spa and some tiny little one stop light town a stones throw from Saranac. It was beautiful when I was there though.