Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dead Batteries, Grocery Shopping and Other Stuff

So my starter battery is dead - again. This is the second time in two weeks although I admit after I charged it the last time I didn't take the van out and run it to charge the battery fully so it's my fault. what I didn't realize is that any of the lights controlled by my overhead switches apparently run off my starter battery. Well what the fuck is the point of having an isolator? Meh, I'll hook up the charger tomorrow.

Went to Wally World and did some pantry shopping. Plus I needed cat food and kitty litter. Spent $78 and picked up what have become my pantry staples. I love the fact that most food companies are making smaller, travel sized boxes of all the great stuff I love like Nutter Butter cookies and Wheat Thins.

I also reorganized my cabinets and threw away some stuff I haven't used in the near months I've been in the van. I imagine there will be many more months of purges like this. At three months I plan to do a clothing purge - anything I haven't worn or seen in three months will go unless it's season specific. I could probably fill a garbage bag right now of stuff that can go. Unfortunately, I own some really fun printed t-shirts so I'll probably look to re-home those rather than toss them of send them to Goodwill.

Made arrangements with Kurk from customvan.com to install a new roof vent at Lost for $150. It'll be nice to have that fan functional to help exhaust cat stink!

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