Thursday, April 12, 2012


Here's a few pics of my recent and on-going projects:

 This would be my hobo closet built in and on top of my shower. There's a piece of plywood cut to fit over the tub part so I can store stuff IN the tub as well as up to the ceiling. On top of the plywood are three plastic home storage containers with drawers that hold clothing an crafting materials. I also have my first aid kit and extra blankets stored here. I used a simple SUV cargo net and some screws to hold it all in place and give me hanging storage.

 Making a spot for The Immortal (the 6 year old deer mouse) was also important to me. Here's her tank and supplies in the cubby that I removed the microwave from. It also gives me some extra space for a small library and other personal touches. This spot sits directly over the refrigerator.

Speaking of the fridge - here it is after I painted it with magnetic paint an black spray paint.

For now I have the dinette lai out as a bed - it gives the inside a more open feel and the cats more room to lounge and more storage underneath since I don't have to pack around the table poles. You can't see it in the pic but there's a little door under the bench that gives the cats access to their litter pan. The long brown pillow I just purchased today from Target - the pillow was $9 and the cover was $6 - gives it more of a couch type look. There's a cat carrier under the blanket for when they want a little privacy from everyone else.

A closer look at the carpet I spray painted to a chocolatey brown.

The rear carpet I spray painted.

The front. Passenger seat turned around to be used as seating for the rear. Cat cubby between which sits on top of a box I use as my pantry. Between the seats and the box are tote bags for books, notebooks, journals, laptop, Kindle and all my necessary plugs. Up top are the original cushions that came with the van, my queen sized memory foam a couple of extra pillows, camp chairs, tents and still a ton of space for cats to hang out.


  1. Looks cozy and very cool. Looking forward to hanging out if/when you make it out this way.

  2. I have to say....Wow ,you really made good use of the space. Can you use the doors also? Someone from cheaprvliving made storage space inside the doors. Just a thought. That carpet looks nice ,never thought of painting. Good job!!