Friday, April 13, 2012

New Flooring - Part Four

Woot! I'm almost finished with the floor. All the pieces have been cut and fit now I just need to figure out if I'm going to glue them down or leave them.

The floor after ripping out the carpet. I decided to leave the boards that were the original under flooring since they are (much like the carpet was) run under the furniture. Plus they're still in good shape and why do more work than I need to? In the above picture you can actually see three types of flooring - the thin vinyl I laid down on the right, the bare floor in the middle and one of the tiles of new flooring to the left.

First thing first - I measured and created a full template of the floor to be covered so I could lay out the interlocking tiles and figure out which needed to go where so I could make the least amount of cuts and not have to buy more tiles. After everything was laid out and marked I used a table saw to cut the tiles to fit.

Here's a close-up of the tiles and how they lock together. The bottom tile is flipped over. These tiles are meant to do garage floors and they say that you don't need to glue or attach them since they lock together - that, my friends, is bullshit when you do a van floor. At least some of mine will need glued down even though I was hoping to not have to do that so I could take the tiles out to clean them.

Today I'm working on finishing the side step in and getting some sort of trim for the top of the step and a couple other places where my cutting wasn't necessarily up to snuff. I'm a vet tech not a flooring expert so I'm actually a little shocked that I dig the end result so much - or maybe I'm just happy to have a floor again.

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  1. That would be because those are removable tiles meant mostly to be fatigue relief, not a permanent floor covering.

    They're not meant to be permanently installed.

    You need something more like this: