Monday, April 23, 2012


Sorry not selling or giving anything away - just making a statement on my life as of today. I got going later than I thought I would (by a couple weeks unfortunately) but as of today I am now voluntarily homeless.

I've been parked in Crownsville since 6:30 tonight trying to acclimate the cats to the smaller space. They seem to be taking it well. There's been some hissing and grumbles but that's not unusual with any move.

Tomorrow I'm making my way towards Laurelton, PA for the Spring Thaw. I'll be over-nighting at a RV campground until Thursday or Friday then staying at Thaw and then I'm off to NJ to see Atlantic City and check out a couple of no-kill shelters that could use some volunteers.

Woot! Woot!


  1. Have fun and be careful!! Meow. =^..^=

  2. That sounds awesome, enjoy the new adventure and tell all the Vanners at Spring Thaw Mooney said hello, especially Snotty, the Moonlite folks and Ken Superbeast. I miss my vans and wish I could just pack up and do the same thing. If passing through Pittsburgh (or close by) during your adventure and you need anything or help shot me a note on or facebook.

  3. Congratulations! Like the no-kill plan.


  4. P.S. We travel with six cats, too. We have a little more space, but cats adjust to what they have.