Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feelin' a Bit Like Goldilocks

When I first bought the van I decided right off that I wouldn't be sleeping in the attic bed. It's really just a hassle to pull out and put away every day but then my queen sized memory foam fit perfectly up there both folded in half and laid out full and I changed my mind

Today I've gone back to that original plan. I'll likely sleep on the dinette bed and let the cats have the attic as a lounge and play area when they can't be outside. They really do need a little open floor to play on and wrestle, otherwise, I'm going to go bonkers with them racing around the van (this will likely happen anyhow) Plus, it gives me storage for some extra stuff as well as a place to put their carriers and I can leave a couple of those put together for the ones who like to be in them.

I just finished hauling the memory foam out of the attic (I really did forget how big that space is when it's just the regular cushions in there) and putting it on the dinette bed. It's not fitting right or easily with just folding so it will need to be cut. I dread cutting anything -especially- a piece of memory foam that was about $200. However, if I cut it right I will have a perfect piece for the dinette bed and another piece I can lay out up top or roll up and store which will come in handy for the nights I decide to sleep in a tent or in the open. I have back and neck issues so it's a necessity - I can't walk in the morning if I sleep on something too firm.

Now I'm off to spread a tarp on the lawn and pull the foam out to measure, mark and cut it. Glad I kept the tarp!

It really is amazing to me how unconsciously I was preparing to live like this until I made a list of what I would need and realized I purchased much of it in the years leading up to now. Tells me I'm on the right path. :)

Pictures will come after I get everything settled again - I also have pics of the TV mount to upload yet.

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