Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pick A Project

I finally sat down and made a list of all the things that need work or I would like to work on about the van. It's a daunting list so I thought I would share it. Right now I have three projects that are on my I-NEED-IT-NOW shortlist. The rest will come as I go I suppose . . .
  • Install fuel sending units - in hopes of returning function to my fuel gauge.
  • Install some sort of rubber flooring.
  • Fix my exhaust (it's loud and driving me nuts)
Now for the extended list:
  • Check propane system
  • Check plumbing
  • Install new waste tank
  • Get thermostat
  • Fix AC if possible
  • Install exhaust fan for kitty litter box
  • Fix vent fan (new blades)
  • Fix side window screen
  • Find/ build screen doors for side/ rear barn doors
  • Get window screens for driver/ passenger windows
  • Install TV mount after removing old TV and cabinet
  • Build attic caging
  • Body work
  • New outer paint
  • Build in second battery bank
  • Solar panels
So yeah - exhaustive list.


  1. Wow got tired just reading the "list" Sorry there are so many problems with your "home" First things first right?


    Hi Cherry,

    I can empathize with you on the daunting task of getting it all ready. Sounds like you are a list maker like I am!!

    I like the screen door idea for the rear barns...that will be nice for the kitties.

    The magicfan is expensive but worth every penny!!

    Can't wait to read that post that says "I'm rolling!!"

    honkytime from

  3. You, probably more than anyone, can understand I imagine. I read a bit of your blog and we're of the same mind it seems. We should definitely cross paths and chill. I'm going out seeking peace and just ... a different way. You know, I did always say if I got married again dude would have to have his own house. At the time I was picturing a duplex but his own van would also do :D

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I'm working on a similar project and hope to be on the road soon. I agree that some sort of rubber flooring would be easier to keep clean and would be very sturdy. Just be careful of odor. I bought some rubber matting sold for like workshop floors and even before I got it home I could tell it would be way too smelly for an enclosed van. Luckily I was able to return it. Still pondering this problem for me and my one kitty cat. Good luck. Just keep doing a little bit every day and we'll both be out there soon.
    David Greybeard